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Conti Borbone bookbinder, since 1974

Since 1974, Conti Borbone brand offers a wide range of customizable, high quality and strictly handmade products.

Marbled paper Violetta

Price €20.00
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Handmade marbled paper Violetta; Each card being not printed is unique and unrepeatable.

The Photos are for demonstration purposes only for the colors used for the cards you are going to buy.

Available sizes 39,37x27,55 / 39,37x27,56


Product by Conti Borbone - Made in Italy

Marbled paper notebook Joe

Price €29.00
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Marbled paper notebook Joe, always different colors to write down your thoughts, take notes or make sketches and drawings.

Make your notebook unique with your name or your initials

For personalisation, visit the section below description

Product by Conti Borbone - Made in Italy

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