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antiqued leathers for desks

Desks, tables, flaps and other particular components, after their restoration, are delivered to us to be covered in leather and embellished with ornamental motifs in style, hot stamped in gold and/or embossed, obviously by hand.

Conti Borbone supplies leather covers for tables, desks and armchairs, cut to measure and stamped in gold, silver or just engraved. Antique or modern coloured leather covers.

Our products reach worldwide with DHL service, our trusted partner.

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Leather colour retouching Conti Borbone
Detail of print on table leather dressing Conti Borbone
Leather dyeing and hand decoration Conti Borbone
Tables covered in leather decorated in gold by hand Conti Borbone
Leather cover green with gold decoration Conti Borbone
Cover in red leather reception hotel Conti Borbone
Covered table in hand-anchored burgundy leather Conti Borbone
Leather decorated and customised ready for shipment conti borbone
Coffee table with brown leather antique and decoration in gold Conti Borbone
Replacement of shelf leather equal to the drawers Conti Borbone
Leather shelf with handmade gold decoration Conti Borbone
Brown leather table with gold decoration Conti Borbone
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