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Dissertation - University of Fashion

Legatoria Conti Borbone presents itself with new ideas and innovative materials for all those who need to bind their fashion thesis before facing the world of work. We specialise in the creation of leather theses with workmanship and prints designed for the best fashion schools such as Marangoni, IED, Politecnico, NABA, IUAD, Ferrari, Franco Milano and Fashion Design School Italy.

In Switzerland we create unique pieces for Orientation, SUP, STA and Master-Abroad schools.

Hot customised faux leather dissertations Conti Borbone
Thesis graduate fashion institute Marangoni Conti Borbone
Special theses Marangoni Institute Conti Borbone
Bolted canvas fashion thesis Conti Borbone
Antiqued leather and hot stamping thesis Conti Borbone
Canvas thesis with personalised Eye of Ra printing Conti Borbone
Vulcano hand-crafted and hand-decorated leather thesis Conti Borbone
Thesis in red saffiano leather with personalised monogram Conti Borbone
Fashion thesis in leather with hot stamping all over the cover with laces conti borbone
Fashion thesis in leather with hot stamping all over the cover with laces, open - conti borbone
Hemp graduation thesis and fabric sample socket Conti Borbone
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