Luxury stationery

With our luxury stationery line, Conti Borbone wants to fully satisfy your passion for culture and the pleasure of beauty. This line of products represents the excellence of our Ambrosian tradition and the hallmark of our Atelier.


  • Marblet paper

    Marbled paper is the result of a chromatic decoration technique that imitates the surface of marble; has very ancient origins that flank the origin of the invention and the diffusion of the paper. Coming from ancient China and Japan ("floating ink" - Suminagashi), the marbled paper spread in Persia, in Turkey (Ebru paper - "cloud") until it reached Europe in the 17th century. where it is adopted by Macè Ruette, bookbinder at the Court of Louis XIII King of France who officially elevated him to the rank of "Relieur do Roi".

    The technique for producing marbled paper consists substantially in placing a sheet of paper on a specially prepared aqueous surface and is made possible thanks to the properties of different liquids insoluble in each other.

  • Engraved and...

    If you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, our personalized engraved leather journals are the perfect choice. These journals are made from high-quality leather, decorated with a fine engraving covering the face and can be personalized with the recipient's name or initials. They are the perfect place to write one's thoughts and memories, preserving them forever.

  • Guest book

    Completely handmade, the elegant guest books (signatures books) are suitable for every occasion; within them can be collected signatures, dedications and thoughts of the guests, in order to keep alive the memory of important events. A useful tool to collect testimonials on the occasion of exhibitions, vernissages, meetings, convivial. An object unknown to many, it is an object of unsurpassable charm

  • Marbled paper notebook

    Value for money ideal for a nice and tasteful gift. Notebook in hardcover covered in Conti Borbone marbled paper specially selected in the drawing. The Conti Borbone marbled paper is strictly handmade: each sheet is unique, the color combinations and designs vary from sheet to sheet.

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