Melody Collection

Photo albums in leather and marbled paper:

Melodia collection

If you are looking for an original and quality photo album, the Melodia collection is for you. These are photo albums composed of a leather back and a marbled paper dial, handmade with top quality materials.

The combination of leather and marbled paper creates a unique and harmonious visual effect, which enhances your photos and your memories. You can choose from different shades of leather and different patterns of marbled paper, to create the photo album that best suits your style and personality.

The photo albums of the Melodia collection are also practical and functional. They have an ideal size to be stored in the library, where they create a classic and elegant vision of the whole.

Don't miss the opportunity to buy a photo album in leather and marbled paper from the Melodia collection. It is an exclusive and high quality product, that will give you unforgettable emotions every time you browse it.



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