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In Bottega since 1873 not only is art and craft made and produced, but also technical knowledge, artisan professionalism and traditional Ambrosian mastery are handed down.

Printing a photo is the metamorphosis into a tangible memory that lasts over time. The photo album allows you to take a further step: it allows you to build a story, a description of your choice, combining and exposing the photos in a specific visual path.

All our photo albums are made exclusively by hand. The materials come from a careful selection. The realization, from our special marbled papers to the first grain leathers, is treated in detail and is aimed at satisfying the tastes of the customers with various possibilities of customization. The albums are available in different sizes from the typically Italian format and contain 50 ivory-colored pages and tissue paper to protect the photographs. We give shape to the customer's ideas making him the protagonist of the album through the engraving in gold-silver-dry (only hot impression) of the names of the spouses, of the date or initials.

In addition to the photo albums on display, we create ad hoc models in any format and capacity (which are completed with our boxes for albums or artisan binders), giving shape to the ideas of the client. The wise and creative use of precious materials has made us popular among the spouses of every social class, meeting both the classic and elegant taste and the most current and essential design.


  • Marbled paper photo album


    Marbled paper is the result of a chromatic decoration technique that imitates the surface of marble; has very ancient origins that flank the origin of the invention and the diffusion of the paper. Coming from ancient China and Japan ("floating ink" - Suminagashi), the marbled paper spread in Persia, in Turkey (Ebru paper - "cloud") until it reached Europe in the 17th century. where it is adopted by Macè Ruette, bookbinder at the Court of Louis XIII King of France who officially promoted him to the rank of "Relieur do Roi". The Conti Borbone albums in full marbled paper enjoy considerable success as well as for the countless color combinations, especially for the fluid and dynamic design that gives them modernity and imagination.

  • Harmony collection

    Conti Borbone photo albums from the Armonia collection represent an elegant marriage of leather and parchment paper, lending character and delicacy to each piece. Each album is handcrafted, with a customizable touch that reflects Conti Borbone's attention to detail and craftsmanship. With luxurious designs and the use of only natural products, these photo albums are true masterpieces destined to last.

  • Melody Collection

    Photo albums in leather and marbled paper:

    Melodia collection

    If you are looking for an original and quality photo album, the Melodia collection is for you. These are photo albums composed of a leather back and a marbled paper dial, handmade with top quality materials.

    The combination of leather and marbled paper creates a unique and harmonious visual effect, which enhances your photos and your memories. You can choose from different shades of leather and different patterns of marbled paper, to create the photo album that best suits your style and personality.

    The photo albums of the Melodia collection are also practical and functional. They have an ideal size to be stored in the library, where they create a classic and elegant vision of the whole.

    Don't miss the opportunity to buy a photo album in leather and marbled paper from the Melodia collection. It is an exclusive and high quality product, that will give you unforgettable emotions every time you browse it.



  • Symphony collection


    The Sinfonia collection by Conti Borbone offers photo albums made of genuine smooth calf leather, meticulously crafted using natural materials, in the heart of Italy. This line combines classic elegance with a modern touch. With a wide range of decorations and customization options available, the Sinfonia photo albums cater to all individual tastes. Discover the beauty and quality of these products created by Conti Borbone, a brand that represents the finest Italian craftsmanship.

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