Since 1873, the bookbinding Conti Borbone of Milan is a historic workshop specializing in book binding and in paper and furnishing articles. This ancient art requires expert and skilled hands for a meticulous work: marbled and hand-prepared papers, the preparation of rich and discreet impressions in gold / silver or dry (the only hot impression). The personalization of leather objects (initials, names) was much appreciated. In this atmosphere of craftsmanship of other times, graceful and special paper objects are produced such as photo albums, diaries, notebooks, note books, board books, signature books, containers, magazine racks and other curious artifacts. Who would expect that shelving of fine books to be instead a panel that conceals a closet where dull papers lie, or that that pile of books on the table is actually a hiding place for precious objects?


  • Photo album

    In Bottega since 1873 not only is art and craft made and produced, but also technical knowledge, artisan professionalism and traditional Ambrosian mastery are handed down.

    Printing a photo is the metamorphosis into a tangible memory that lasts over time. The photo album allows you to take a further step: it allows you to build a story, a description of your choice, combining and exposing the photos in a specific visual path.

    All our photo albums are made exclusively by hand. The materials come from a careful selection. The realization, from our special marbled papers to the first grain leathers, is treated in detail and is aimed at satisfying the tastes of the customers with various possibilities of customization. The albums are available in different sizes from the typically Italian format and contain 50 ivory-colored pages and tissue paper to protect the photographs. We give shape to the customer's ideas making him the protagonist of the album through the engraving in gold-silver-dry (only hot impression) of the names of the spouses, of the date or initials.

    In addition to the photo albums on display, we create ad hoc models in any format and capacity (which are completed with our boxes for albums or artisan binders), giving shape to the ideas of the client. The wise and creative use of precious materials has made us popular among the spouses of every social class, meeting both the classic and elegant taste and the most current and essential design.

  • Luxury stationery

    With our luxury stationery line, Conti Borbone wants to fully satisfy your passion for culture and the pleasure of beauty. This line of products represents the excellence of our Ambrosian tradition and the hallmark of our Atelier.

  • Luxury furniture

    Conti Borbone offers luxury furniture, objects and furnishings. Unique and elegant products for offices and luxury homes strictly in real leather.

  • Personalized leather

    Leather goods are small jewels made of real cowhide, finished with gold or silver personalizations. All rigorously made in Italy

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