Guest book for the Republic of Colombia at Expo 2015

Dear Conti Borbone Audience,

We are thrilled to share with you the latest gem we created in our artisan bookbinding workshop: a leather guest book that we had the honor of making for the Republic of Colombia pavilion at Expo 2015.

This project was an exciting journey through our art, combining tradition and innovation to create an authentic masterpiece. The guest book is more than just a register; it is a tangible testament to the commitment and passion we put into each creation.

Made entirely of leather, the book is a celebration of the fine art of bookbinding. The hot press printing lends a touch of elegance, while the hand-decorating adds a unique element of refinement. Every detail has been precisely attended to to ensure a final product that not only reflects the beauty of Italian craftsmanship, but also stands out as a tangible symbol of Colombian culture.


Every signature, every message included in this book becomes part of a larger story, a story about human connections, extraordinary encounters and unforgettable moments shared at the heart of Expo 2015.

It is an honor for us to be involved in such meaningful projects and to see our work displayed in such a prestigious setting. The guest book for the pavilion of the Republic of Colombia is a tribute to the art, culture and beauty that are manifested when craftsmanship blends with creative vision.

At Conti Borbone, we will continue to pursue our mission to create works that not only satisfy, but inspire and tell stories. Thank you for being part of our artistic journey.


The Team of Conti Borbone

I am Angelo Marchesi, a bookbinder following in the footsteps of my family, who owns the Bookbinding Conti Borbone, founded over a hundred years ago. My passion is to preserve and enhance ancient books, restoring them with care and respect. I also enjoy creating new volumes, personalized and original, using high-quality materials and traditional techniques. Bookbinding, for me, is an art that demands dedication, creativity, and precision.

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