The Rebirth of a Cultural Treasure: The Restoration of the Treccani Encyclopedia

We are honored to share the joy and satisfaction of one of our esteemed clients, who recently entrusted us at Conti Borbone with the delicate task of restoring the precious volumes of his Treccani Encyclopedia. This monumental work of Italian culture, a symbol of erudition and knowledge, has shone again thanks to the art and skill of our craftsmen.

After careful restoration work, the volumes were picked up and delivered back to Montecatini Terme via DHL, a safe journey for a treasure of literature. Our client expressed their gratitude not only with words of sincere appreciation but also by sending us a photograph depicting the restored volumes, now proudly placed in their personal library.


It is a picture that speaks more than a thousand words: the books, keepers of history and knowledge, are once again an integral part of a lived-in space, ready to be browsed, read and admired. For us at Conti Borbone, every book that passes through our hands is a story, a journey, a life. And the happy ending of this journey fills us with pride and inspires us to continue our work with passion.

Thank you for choosing us and sharing with us the result of this beautiful journey. We are happy to have helped give new life to your volumes and returned them to the warmth of your home.

I am Angelo Marchesi, a bookbinder following in the footsteps of my family, who owns the Bookbinding Conti Borbone, founded over a hundred years ago. My passion is to preserve and enhance ancient books, restoring them with care and respect. I also enjoy creating new volumes, personalized and original, using high-quality materials and traditional techniques. Bookbinding, for me, is an art that demands dedication, creativity, and precision.

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