Leather Supply for Tables and Desks: Classic and Modern Shades

Transform the look of your home or office with our premium leather supply for tables and desks. We offer a wide range of leathers in classic and antiqued tones for those who love a traditional and sophisticated style, as well as modern and vibrant colors for a contemporary touch. Each piece is enhanced with gold finishes, providing a final result of great elegance. Choose the leather that best suits your taste and environment, and bring new brilliance to your spaces with our unparalleled quality.

I am Angelo Marchesi, a bookbinder following in the footsteps of my family, who owns the Bookbinding Conti Borbone, founded over a hundred years ago. My passion is to preserve and enhance ancient books, restoring them with care and respect. I also enjoy creating new volumes, personalized and original, using high-quality materials and traditional techniques. Bookbinding, for me, is an art that demands dedication, creativity, and precision.

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