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Fake leather books for furniture

Bookbinding Conti Borbone produces custom leather backs of faux books for covering doors, removable panels for bookcases, doors of wardrobes, etc .. We wish to point out the extreme quality of our faux spine books that, unlike the fac-similar in easily identifiable at a distance fiberglass as "false", are made as real books; They are made from specially shaped supports and covered with leather (maximum thickness 1 cm). They are then hand-printed with different decorations and titles, genres and authors, the most varied. The type of titles and colors can, of course, be indicated by the customer. The end result is very satisfactory and original.

 Our products reach worldwide with DHL service, our trusted partner.

Bookcase with fake book door for law firm - Conti Borbone
Libri finti per Yacht - Conti Borbone
Fake leather books for a notary's office - Conti Borbone
Faux leather bookcase - Conti Borbone - Conti Borbone
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